If you have any pain or discomfort after an extraction, take paracetomol or ibuprofen tablets.

Do not take Aspirin or derivatives as these may cause bleeding.

Avoid Aspirin, Exercise and Smoking on the day of extraction as these also may cause bleeding.

If bleeding does occur, roll up the piece of guaze  and place in the extraction site, then bite together as hard as possible for 20 minutes.

Avoid vigorous rinsing and interfering with the socket, please brush your teeth as normal, taking care around the socket.

After 24 hours rinse the socket with hot salt water mouthwash ( a teaspoon of salt in a glass of luke warm water) do this after every meal for 2-4 days

If there is any persistant pain or bleeding which cannot be controlled by the above methods, then the surgery should be contacted.  If it is outside surgery hours dial 111 for an emergency dentist.