Emergency Procedures for Power Loss, Flood or Fire

The following information represents the Standard Operating Procedure for the practice

· If the practice is unable to operate due to an emergency loss of power, flood or fire, all patients and staff are immediately vacated from the premises to a designated point – patients will be asked to contact the practice 24 hours later to re book treatment.

· Any patients with severe toothache are advised to contact NHS England on 111 to gain access to emergency treatment. Patients who are considered to be dental emergencies are referred to Pinderfields Hospital casualty department.

If the surgery is not accessible for more than 24 hours a sign will be placed on the patient entrance stating the reason for closure and when the practice will re open. 

Our website details will also be displayed www.toveylittle.co.uk again, for further information and the practice telephone answer message will be amended to include this information.