Protecting Vulnerable Adults

As a practice we are committed to protect children and vulnerable adults from harm. Our practice policy recognises our responsibilities to develop awareness of the issues that cause children and vulnerable adults harm.

The policy involves adopting a code of conduct for the dental team.

This is achieved by effective staff recruitment, training and management to meet standards laid out by Regulation 11 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010, and the document ‘Child Protection and the Dental Team’ DOH 2007.

Our Standard Operating Procedures include:
1.     Training staff in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

2.     How to recognise signs of abuse in children and vulnerable adult

3.     Who to contact when there are signs of abuse

4.     Staff recruitment policy with regard to suitability of candidates

5.     Complaints procedure  

Relevant members of staff are trained to implicate this policy at all times.

The Practice Manager is responsible for enforcing, maintaining and auditing the policy. This includes an annual review in January