At Tovey Little Dental Centre we welcome patient feedback whether positive or negative, this information is valuable to help us provide a better service to our patients

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To leave feedback on treatment you received at the practice please follow the NHS Choices link.

Friends and Family is a new way for patients to provide feedback on the service they received at the practice and recommend the services to others, to leave feedback please follow the link

Results from patient feedback on how likely you are to recommend our Dental Practice for December 2018
Extremely Likely 2
Likely 1
Neither Likely or Unlikely 0
Unlikely   0
Extremely Unlikely 0
Dont Know 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I fill in the same forms each visit?
Everytime you undertake treatment, the best practice guidelines is to have an updated new medical history form, Primarily it is important to know for patient safety, to ensure there are no drug interactions or potential medical complications with dental treatment

Why does my dentist run late frequently?
Occasionally from time to time the dentists run late due to emergency patients, or treatments taking alittle longer than anticipated. We strive to try and keep these times to a minimum, and apologise for any delays.