Complaints Procedure

Effective handling of complaints is essential in modern business management. Whether the complaint is received in oral, written or electronic form, correct handling of the complaint is essential.  This will not only enhance relations with the complainant but offer an opportunity to improve the management of the practice. Nine times out of ten, a break down in communication is at the heart of most problems. If you have a complaint we would much prefer you told us.

If you choose to make a complaint, they can be made verbally, either in person or by telephone or in writing by letter or email.
The Practice Manager will speak with you directly to write down the nature of the complaint and send you acknowledgement by post as soon as possible. After investigation she will contact you with her findings and possible solution.

If you do not receive acknowledgement of your complaint, please do not hesitate to contact us further.

If you feel aggrieved that the decision regarding your complaint is not satisfactory, contact us again to give us another opportunity to look into it. In these circumstances one of our senior partners will oversee the process. If at the end of the process you are still unsatisfied with the outcome you can contact one of the bodies below:

For complaints related to NHS practice
NHS England                                         
Customer Contact Centre                         
0300 311 2233

British Dental Association Helpline
020 7563 4571

For complaints related to private practice
Dental Complaints Service
0845 222 4141