Toothbrushing and Interdental Cleaning

At the moment we are currently unable to book any routine appointments for examinations,

This is due to COVID-19 restrictions about how many patients we can safely see in the practice at any one time. 

We appreciate this may lead to a longer than normal time between your dental appointments.

 Dr Langley would like to share with you her advice about how you can look after your dental health 

until we can safely resume a normal service at Tovey Little Dental Centre.

Whether you brush with a manual or electric toothbrush, keep your toothbrush on the gum line and point the bristles towards the gum. Use a gentle circular motion along the gum and spend 5 seconds

on each tooth before moving on (think of singing "happy birthday to you" per tooth!).

This should be done every morning first thing after waking, and every night laast thing before sleeping. We recommend 3 minutes per toothbrushing time, or put your favourite song and brush from start to finish!


Use a gentle sliding motion to glide floss between the teeth and down the side of the gum before lifting out. This should be done once a day.


Use a gentle in out motion to brush the tepe between the teeth or in any gaps your toothbrush can't reach. Size is important! The brush should be brushing the teeth on either side without being too tight to squeeze in. This should be done at least once a day, and any time you choose.

Caring For Wisdom Teeth

Keep wisdom teeth clean with a long handled single bristle brush.

Ideally use twice a day gently under the flap of gum around the wisdom tooth.

Corsodyl mouthwash is also an excellent rinse to keep in the cupboard in case your wisdom tooth flares up. You could use it a few times a day for 3-5 days while symptoms are present.

Advice If You Have Lost A Filling

Most big pharmacies and supermarkets have temporary filling kits that you can buy. It usually comprises of a temporary filling putty, mixing sheet and spatula.

Roll the filling out into a long sausage shape

and pick it up on the end of the spatula.

This makes it easier to hold and place.

Press the end of the spatula onto the tooth and press down. You can also tap it with a clean finger. Once in place and firmly pressed in, remove any excess with the spatula or clean finger. You may also bite together to make sure it is secure. We would advise it is best to leave it to set for 30 minutes before eating and drinking.

Advice If You Have Lost A Crown

Most pharmacies and supermarkets have

temporary cement kits that you can buy.

First clean your crown - soap and water will do.

Then clean your teeth.

Next try and put the crown back in so that you know which way round it goes. This is helpful for later!

The cement may come as two tubes, a mixing sheet, and a spatula. Mix the same amount of both pastes together and gather it up on the end of the spatula. Let the mixture drop into the crown. Less is more!

You really don't need too much.

Place the crown back over the tooth making sure it is in the correct place. Press down firmly. If there is any excess cement, remove it with a tissue or clean finger. Finally bite together for 1 minute to make sure it feels comfortable. We would advise that you leave it to set for 30 minutes before eating and drinking.